O Tessa, That Girl!

She’s icy yet demure.
Scrub that. Tattooed with roses,
so she’s a rock chick.
Cat-like, a base mesmerizing voice,
and the things she breathed–
makeup, travel, art–imbued by
a kind of superior knowledge.

The important thing in life
being tenacity, so you’ve
set goals. How flamboyant,
you thought. Not to be irresponsible
but inspiring. Even to be radical.
And to constantly be out there
and all in–can anybody tell?


Who’s your role model? There’re plenty of famous cliched ones but maybe someone you know or follow. Maybe it’s someone you follow on YouTube? Maybe it’s someone who come across as unpretentious, even self-deprecating (not self-aggrandizing)–what? You tell me. What makes a person a role model? There’re so many people who put themselves out there in social media these days so who do you follow, why do you follow them. What about the people who are constantly travelling and then posting on Instagram or whatever? I mean, one day the guy is in Lebanon and the next he’s in the Maldives and then Italy and what-have-you. I think, hmmm, could he be in some kind of Faustian deal? For today, write about a character in social media.


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