Did I Dream That?

Maybe you’re not the only one
thinking this is one epic,
delirious artifice.
Frankly it’s not unlike
a fixation, unnerving to others,
so much troubled waters.

The dreams that find me
seemed real but on waking,
facetious. Like tasting some
fake grapefruit. Yet there’s
a real current, flying
there light as pollen.


A friend of mine said to me the other day, life seems surreal. And I’m just floating, like cardboard or something. Okay I’m paraphrasing. I suppose one gets that feeling when one feels out of sync. So maybe one isn’t in sync because one is syncing with something else, out of this world? Another world? What world is that? Is that fictional? Perhaps you’ve felt at variance with this ‘real’ world. Because this world seems to be very linear. But really the world isn’t about a straight line. What? From cradle to coffin? It’s loopy as hell. Iterative. So for today, write about dream-like things.


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