I Feel Happy Like This

Too much expressiveness–
it’s not a bad thing,
surely not. It’s what we
do, keeps us cerebral,
even principled.

I can’t help liking you,
mythical that we are,
capable of anything. Maybe
we make each other less
down-hearted, more real.

Isn’t life very strange?
The shape of things come
upon us, we’ve learned to
discern–that’s our task–
to witness, to listen.


I just listened to someone say to show up for work, that’s what we writers do. Everyday or every other day. William Stafford used to wake up at 4AM everyday to write. And not everything you write is fodder for eternity, and that’s ok. It’s expression that matters. Why does it matter? Because it keeps you grounded somehow. Real. Less fake. Because in the real world we keep up appearances. In writing, in fiction, we show our true faces. Isn’t that ironic? Like someone said today, Irene takes the best videos, but god, that sounded ironical, like so artificial. So in writing, ask yourself, is it the real thing? Or are you saying something trite? So today, it’s just me showing up for work. You try doing that and see if anything happens, ok?


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