What’s It Like To Create

Trace a shadowy reminiscence
when your head isn’t spinning
so this could be your moment
creating. Outside the dark
traced by a clothes line
reminds me of other lives
so unlike mine.

What’s the force of words?
Does it have the power of
a hurricane? Even to uproot,
upturn, upend trees whose
roots have sunk so deep,
the earth would have to
roil and move.

As for God, who put all this
together, with majesty, what
was truly in his head, to
bend to creation? And we,
having to follow too, the
echoes, the feels, and not
commit a travesty?


I guess we marvel at technical brilliance. Like say, in writing a poem, do you try to layer on the sounds, the assonances, so that when one reads there’s a subtle musicality? Do you find end rhymes appealing to the ear, especially when one’s reading them aloud? It’s kind of satisfying too, if it’s not so predictable and hence awkward? I don’t really set musicality out as a goal, but sometimes I do it because it just feels satisfying, to just drop in the assonances. I hardly ever do end rhymes. I am more driven by the flow of thought and association. So often when I start a poem I hardly know what’s the end result. The end result often surprises me. What is really a criteria for me is that a poem’s thoughtful in a way that moves me. That’s feeling I reckon. Poetry is emotion recollected in tranquility, right, Wordsworth? Make us see a bit of that magic happening in your poem, where from the dark, as it were, a feeling or thought comes to the surface.


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