Keep Tuning In

I don’t know if you’d call it
a fruiting, that surge of bliss
that made exquisite sense.
Our love, what had become of
all the rickety stuff?
What made us scowl at
each other, did that
diminish us at all?

Perhaps love calls for us
to be broad-minded, don’t
take lies to heart,
that inept ticker that’d
sucked up to a whisper,
or to nothing, a wariness,
a dubious cry. Regardless,
keep tuning in.


So what has been obsessing you these days? Surely there is something you’re obsessed with? Like what do you keep thinking about? I confess, I have a new obsession with instagram stories. It’s kind of like following different characters as they go about their daily lives. The locations are all over the globe. So there’s Iceland, Paris, London, etc etc…and these stories unfold as things happen. Is it a waste of time you ask? You can of course answer it both ways. But I like that the stories take place elsewhere, and you get to see intimately what these characters see and experience, even if it’s just an instagram moment. I was just talking about stories in the last prompt and these seem to be the real, undramatic stories that happen everyday to everyday people. Cinematic in their own way. So like say, you’revisiting a new place, how would you document it in your poem? Or if you’re at home, what kind of moments do have you in a day?


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