How To Tell

You had completely shut down,
clammed up. As if an ill wind
had sent you shaking like
a leaf. Why, this is exactly
the mood of someone who’s
down in the dumps.

Of course you’d deny it.
But remember what you said,
you don’t regret any awkwardness,
know what the important stuff
is, you’re really not dumb,
but being motionless.


Day 26. But really it’s Day 27. I’m kinda late. I’m kind of resisting. But resistance is futile. Why? Because the words are still flowing. So I’m as doomed as Sisyphus. The weather’s real stormy these days. It’s extreme heat alternating with extreme storm. Of course ‘extreme’ could be an exaggeration. But how I wish for mild weather. Like the Mediterranean winter. Rainy but no storm. In a thunderstorm, I think of the people living in floating houses. Or fishermen. They’re exposed to the elements much more. I pray to God for mild weather please. With no fatalities or regrets. Of course I have to link it to Robert’s Brewer’s prompt to write about regret.


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