God Only Knows

I hate to bother you but
things had to run their
true course, you know that.
Listening to The Beach Boys,
so not off the mark.
Some grain of truth.

I needed to recuperate.
So weak. From what, you asked.
The conundrum that’s life
I said. So what does it mean?
What does anything that matters,
truly mean? Time to hit ‘delete’?

This body of work having grown so,
it’s making me sick, making me
nostalgic or something.
You know time has lapsed so
why go back? So what now?
God only knows.


Hey guys I need to run off shortly. So five minutes. What I’d like to say is that I’m here in this community to write. It’s somewhat of a ghostly community now, because there’s no bouncing off of one another. Just a few, so thank you. To me it’s a sign that perhaps I ought to take a leave of absence. When things have run their course, let them lay still. It’s like, you know, the lines went dead or something. Maybe people decided to hit the beach. Or something. Is there love? That’s the question and there’s no answer really. You might like to answer Robert Brewer though.


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