Let Self Protrude

Everyone’s discreet, nodding,
didn’t swear; if some baroque
truth you’re hiding then where
or when will you unhesitating,
let loose?

It’s not as if we don’t already
know, cloaked as it were in
proprietary gasps, because
something inviolate would
not accommodate?

You’d need to move, somewhere,
to another country? Of course
you’re braided into self,
the one you truly are,
being committal.

Surely the world should say,
you needn’t be hollow,
needn’t gag yourself but
let self protrude–
it’s all systems go.


Day 16. This world is made up of people, and the people are not the same. We’re not cookie molds of each other. We each have our own dispositions. Unless you’re a rank-and-file soldier who has to obey a string of code. Once a command is issued, you fall in unquestioningly. Minions are spawned! No wonder my son doesn’t like the concept. Well that’s not my point. My point really is that the world should accept diversity in people. And not discriminate due to difference. For instance, difference in religion. Or sexual orientation. Because that kind of discrimination makes it difficult for the individuals in question. Anyhow that’s how I’m interpreting Robert Brewer’s prompt, to use the phrase “Blank–insert anything here, systems.. It’s “all systems go” for me.


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