What Love Sonnet?

Time has slowed to a still.
Have you no thought for me?
The theatrical moon rattles
you? Much darkness shields,
hearkens to hopeless abandon.
Do we grow wise in malady
so as to learn not to yearn?
What keeps me in motion?
All the missing pieces.
And having to repudiate
whatever it was–the gist
of action is not heroic,
except that in oddness,
true love isn’t a madness.


Day 11, it turns out, is sonnet day. I’ve nothing against love sonnets. My favorite is this one by Pablo Neruda. I don’t do rhyme much. It’s like …against my form. But I relented. Poetry that sounds like poetry because there’s an obvious musicality. Anyway, it’s full moon tonight. And bloody hot. But there you go, Robert Brewer asked for a love sonnet. He asked for a sonnet but I say it has to be a love sonnet.


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