What Floats Your Boat?

My friend, Elena, had said, whatever
floats your boat, and she’s damn right
about that–to each her own boat.
It made me think of an artwork
Adrienne gave to me, saying
with much majesty, different
folks, different strokes.

So many different layers to
an art. What art? The art of living
what floats you. Your heart,
hammered by wind. I cannot say what
it is. It would be what you ruminate,
in the likeness of soul, practicing
obscure movements only you’d know.

Your energy turns threads into gold,
musical scores into sounds with
startling immediacy. My god, you’d be
a force of nature! With all
the paraphernalia, you’d turn
mystical, and lose time,
and ascend to your own heaven.


So what floats your boat? That’s a really important question. If you find that out, then you’d not be bored. It’s like finding gold. Alright you get the drift. Also, Robert Brewer asked us to choose an element from the periodic table and I chose gold. Hahaha. So do check out the periodic table. I’m also reminded of a poem titled “Argon’, one of the noble gases, by Larry Thacker that was included in the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 issue of Red Wolf Journal. You can read it here. Get inspired okay?

In case you didn’t realize, my prompt is just so you can submit your poem to Red Wolf Poems, and submission there is the same as submission to Red Wolf Journal. Not confused? Good.


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