Who Said, Not Today?

Our poppy heart, does it lack
conviction, intense and brief as
firelies? Does it lack in specifics?
Immured in a garden it called its own?
Did not call to the serpent
whose suction to grass brought
only a shapely presence?

What seethed in the painted sky?
Adrienne fingered her rosary,
and all seemed lurid as if
the sunbird had forgotten
to come, and apocalypse
was elsewhere. She, who once was
silent, grew loquacious.

Her assemblage of emblems
was what preoccupied her.
Then a rare coincidence brought forth
lyric density. Then nothing.
Wasn’t she real? Wasn’t she
solicitous and loomed here,
flaring if for a term?

Started your poetic engine yet? Just starting to vroom vroom? Then guess what, the prompt says “not today” (This from Robert Brewer.) Say what? But of course we’re not stopping. We’re only pretending. Pretending is an act of imagination is it not? Pretend you’re not here and you are. Because if you’re thinking “not here” you’re already here. And since you are you might as well try and write something today. Yea, today. Say what? I’m deaf. Did you say “not today”? Alright then report to your muse. What did your muse say? Did she say anything, anything at all?

In case you didn’t realize, my prompt is just so you can submit your poem to Red Wolf Poems, and submission there is the same as submission to Red Wolf Journal. Not confused? Good.


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