Tessa, Happy New Year

Matilda–with an Aussie twang?–
wore white canvas shoes taking
long quick strides gliding by.
She has quite decent manners,
gave a sly offhand smile.
One of her laces came off, so
she’d bent down saying oh shoot.

Her mother, not one who’s lax,
would say something, voicing out
a moot point, like why don’t you
ask him yourself, and so I did, straight
from the horse’s mouth, like she said.
He’s taking his time about it,
is what she meant.

And the one who’s smitten by tragedy,
she managed to thwart it off so
good-naturedly we all couldn’t have
loved her more. We stood up to peer
out of the window, at fireworks
bracing the new year. Oh what
a difference a year makes.

Could it be none of this is important
presently yet all of it will be?
His father walking the house
sprinkling holy water and the son
and fiance following with cloth.
As for Matilda, we wondered will it be
the same boy at the end of the year.


I don’t know about you but I feel optimistic about the new year. Maybe I’m just a die-hard optimist and feel amazing at a new beginning. You know there’s going to be challenges and hard knocks somewhere down the road, but those are for your new growth. One of the things I did today, the first day of 2017, is to write down all the ‘moments’ of 2016 –whether it be travel, something work-related, or personal events–and I’ve come to see that it has laid a new kind of foundation for me. There were highs and lows, and a whole lot of humdrum. Yet it just takes a change, however big or small, to set a new path. So your prompt is to do some sort of reflection of your place in the world.


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