Tessa, Truth Is Cumbersome Sometimes

Tricia was no dimwit,
she of the persuasive voice–
well we had a dalliance, didn’t we,
and along the way something
stirred up, envy maybe,
when the sea just seemed
bright as glass, and
the needlepoint we’ve sewn
grew shabbier.

What’s bright? Nothing any more,
just wool pulled over eyes,
so what she said was
not completely true,
and I couldn’t think of anything
more to say.


Here we are, in the last week of 2016, and frankly it couldn’t be sooner. I hope you’re feeling all uplifted by the season, or if not something within the season will stir the quiet waters within. George Michael died, adding to the list of luminaries who’s left this world this year. For me his two most memorable songs were “Last Christmas” and “Careless Whisper”. Well, whaddayu know, it’s Christmas time so I guess we’ll be hearing a lot of “Last Christmas”. For the rest of us who continue on in this world, let’s hope 2017 won’t be such a bitch. For your prompt, write about the bitches you knew in 2016 or that was 2016, or something like that. Then yea, move on. Here’s another from George Michael.

This one I like:


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