Tessa, Everything’s A Mood

Alyssa looked at everything
and then went to stand beside
Olie, good-humoredly, like a pillar.
They’re wearing something soft and loose
–a kaftan dress probably–bare-armed,
wafting fabric.

There’s a swamp beneath, said Olie.
That’s the sort of territory she’d imagined,
thought Alyssa. All the insolence, silences,
being part of the underground system,
a salt mine of feelings. Maybe all of life
is dark, cellular, and damp.

So everything really would be made out in
moods, a territory blind with pitfalls. Oh
do we go tut tut, then go on, or lag, then
go on, or fall into disregard, then trailing
our pride, wanting each other again, just
to see how much we’d understood.


Has it been a while? Are you feeling Christmassy or still dark? Whatever it is, I wanna know the mood. We’re all moody creatures. Also swampy creatures. I actually googled to find out the hashtag, #draintheswamp. So here’s what it means. Ok, the mood you wanna summon is that of a swamp. Question: How do you drain the swamp when you ARE the swamp? As usual, truth is murkier than fiction. It could be fiction. So yea, maybe our job in life is to discern. What say you? Am I right or am I right?


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