Tessa, About That Tape

Not all doom and gloom
staring at the configuration
of the stars, maybe even
smoldering flames,
a fated labyrinth.

What? A bouquet you’d clutched
of orange lilies? Bestowed
so you’d felt satisfied,
as if prayer could move
shimmering stars.

The tape’s still running–
said matter-of-factly.


Day 25

“Write a tape poem. The poem could be about transparent tape, duct tape, video tape, or even tape worm. Anything that you can bend into a tape poem is fair game.”

Ewww, tapeworm?!!


You guys, it’s post Thanksgiving, Black Friday. I’ve not been prompting but still writing. Sometimes I wonder if prompting helped, seeing it as a black hole. You know what happens when you get sucked into a black hole? You get stretched like a strand of spaghetti. Don’t believe me? Watch this.




If you watch till the end, you’ll get a fascinating scientific statement as to why you are the center of the universe.


Hmmm, from Black Friday to Black Holes…so what about the prompt? Precisely that..Black Friday, black holes, black anything! Or even anything holey! Holy moly!






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