Tessa, This Thumping Thing

Deep inside my soul I wanted
to reclaim some of what’s lost
and went wandering footloose,
in an Art Deco neighbourhood
and somehow I found a book
of poems and it’s just the
thing I was looking for.

Have you felt what it’s like
being a lost sheep? Thumping,
but really just a sloppy, deep
-set avoidance with eyes averted
as if all one had to do was go
to market to buy cabbage then
racked up more garbage.

So start over as if that’s all
one can ever hope to do real
well. The heart propped up
like this, a fat monster
breathing heavily, asking
what it does not know to
turn the air in the lair.

Prompt: Hey there, I’m really starting to prompt towards the new theme. So here’s the hint: it’s all about the heart, the thumping thing. So yea, look within your heart, dear poet. And start right there. That’s a very good place to start. In fact it’s the one and only place to start. Yes yes yes. Light a lantern. Then tread there cautiously. See what happens.


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