Tessa, A Song Of Sea-Gulls

What does a lyric poem do? I read yours and thought of
a plumage of white and gray. Unidealized, even derisive but
not quite dead as sea-birds she had carried ashore.
So is that our duty then to poeticize? Is life our fodder?
An inner monologue to soothe as lozenges? An opiate?

To wade out, row out a boat bringing back those birds.
Weight of wings drooping wet. A living art–that’s what’s said.
Sand, sea and sky in one’s net. Waves in gold as the girl
turned her back hoisting stick. If one isn’t apathetic then
to sing rapturous and wild as sea-gulls flew overhead.

Prompt: I remember asking for a nature poem. So this is a reprise I guess. Specifically write about birds. I wonder, can one write of birds without thinking of their symbolism of freedom? Aren’t they the archetypes of freedom? Maybe you could describe the plumage of particular birds? For that is where beauty and function reside. What about caged birds? What feelings do they evoke? See what I mean about thinking about the symbolism of birds.


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