Tessa, A Secret Tide

Soon I will awaken. But how?
Specters follow the forest.
Maybe when I come upon a stream,
realise you’re no longer there.
Asleep in the dark with untamed beast.
Wager a shadowy, half-finished dream–
fluid muscle memory from above.

These words I riffed–a kind of fire,
is it not? In an ether I remained
obscure making itinerant notes.
What, disdain? Tessa, a whole culture
runs against our grain. O unlovable poet!
Yet let us be, ranting in turn;
with the tide let us love.

Prompt: When we’re close to nature we feel closest to God-energy. That’s why we find nature to be uplifting. Because life can be oh-so-confusing and often bittersweet. When I write, I feel close to that energy too. If I fail to write, then I fail in my duty to tap into the energy. Do you feel the same? Robert Frost said, “Every poem is a momentary stay against the confusion of the world.” Run with that quote and write a nature poem.


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