Tessa, About Annie Leibovitz’s Portraits


So why go to an art gallery?
Sat in a foldable chair and watched
a slideshow on portraits–Annie Leibovitz’s,
no less–well, truth-telling for one,
for that’s the function of art,
isn’t it–each queenly woman
helping to define what is, each
cuts an imposing figure.
Some svelte, some corpulent ones.
All tender, brash beauty: unprisoned,
each in her own story.

Prompt: Annie Leibovitz’s portraits let you breathe into the real woman. I don’t know much about photography but am more interested in how a portrait should convey a person and her context. So her posture, how she dresses, what kind of setting–that kind of conveys her personality. It’s fascinating to watch how she chooses to frame each one of her subject. Like this one showing Elizabeth Taylor. Yet the most memorable photo exhibit is of a naked John Lennon locked in embrace with Yoko Ono, taken just five hours before he was assassinated. Which only goes to show how important a photograph can be. We are all ephemera. Write about  a photograph/ a portrait.


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