Tessa, A Song About Bathers

She wanted to purge the artificial air,
feeling quite ill-disposed. After all,
she’s paid an arm and a leg.


Henri Edmond Cross, Bathers III


So onward to the sea. Ritualised
therapy, she tore off her clothes, into
a bathing suit. Tessa, look,
a bowl of purple sea!

We floated into the champagne sky.
Something picturesque had grazed
our skins, skimming, indolent,
and blissful now.

Prompt: The weather was kind yesterday. It was kind of balmy. The best day to take to the sea. I know I’m only imagining. But sometimes imagining is good enough. It really is. Try to imagine pleasant scenery and you’ll feel kind of blissful. Try it in your poem.


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