Tessa, It’s A Social Media World

Oh we’re nothing but long distance,
separated by earth and water,
as far away as Namibia or Dunedin
and if any further we’ll probably
drop off the map if not for
modernity, helped by gravity.

Still we’re nothing but poured
molasses on the page tasting like
minds. Of course, pictures spoke
powerfully. Mostly there’s the poetry.
Come to think of it what’s so radical
about transcending space. But it is.

The pull of distance drew near,
affirmed closeness when we got to
share the same verdant view.
What of raucuous closeness then
when there’s so much hypocrisy?
Distance is real closeness.

Prompt: Here I go writing again. It’s not finished till it’s finished. When I read Writers Digest Day 4 prompt, to write a distance poem, it made me think of how I like Instagram, to see the pictures posted by ordinary folks, celebrities and photographers of other places on this planet. And Facebook too. It’s brought the world closer in a powerful way. And if not for the Internet I wouldn’t be here writing to you, would I?


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