Tessa, Three Eggs

Any cell, etched with yearning,
makes boundless leaps in black,
silken innocence. My love, a fox
among the lilacs.

If only we moved with animal grace!

Yet in a rambling moment,
bare of skin, the light grand. Oh, why would
I lie? A knife of fire!
In tall grass there chanced
marble white eggs.

Prompt: Still playing catch up I am. Are you? Writers Digest Day 3 Prompt wanted a phrase that says “Three” followed by a noun or phrase. Trying to go beyond the obvious possibilities, I decided to look to Sunday Whirl, and do a wordle (cell, fire, yearning, grace, moment, silken, light, eggs, skin, any, boundless). So that’s how “eggs” came to be. And then this image of eggs came to be. I’m also in the middle of a story where a neighbor had helped to deliver some farm eggs and chanced upon a murder-suicide. In Chinese cuisine, “three eggs spinach” is a dish where you incorporate three types of eggs (fresh, salted, century egg). Sorry, I’m rambling!


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