Tessa, What They Said

There’s nothing flippant about romance.
It cajoled how she lives. Didn’t that
John Donne fellow said love prescribes
a circle, “makes me end where I begun.”
We are the compass; “leans and harkens”,
and by lilting imagination, you’re fixed,
the center, whereas I roam and somehow
“grows erect as that comes home”.

And when she’s home, she watched you
take out your comb, leaned your head to
one side, brushed your brown hair.
Utterly serious, and desirable.
What I liked most, she said, are
the trees out in the yard. They saw
a deer that morning. You had reddened–
she had said something then laughed.

Prompt: I knew I had missed four days of prompts as I was away in early April. So I’m gonna make up for lost time. This one’s for Writers Digest Day 2 prompt. It is to write a what she said/what he said poem. You can make something up, anything. Or be inspired by John Donne’s poem, like I did. It is a poem that everyone is familiar with, is it not? It works by conceit.


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