Tessa, Important News

I shall be reticent, about dead corpses
–tautologous, outrageous–but isn’t it true,
that you’ll be dead as a doornail
or a dodo and and I shall put on
sunglasses none the wiser, watching
the closing credits at the end saying
The End–the end of taxes, whooppee…
and bills but we’d be none the wiser
about such an important event.

What, you hardly call a death
a catastrophe? Why, because people drop
dead like flies everyday? They fly to
heaven, invisible, that’s all. We,
the living, left to make copies of
death certificates, staple them to
a lost folder, stare at the pictures
hoard, lift damn heavy suitcases,
all ceremonious as ants.

Prompt: What’s important, peeps? Peeps are important. Peeps make you happy. Peeps have their unique history. Peeps make the world go round. Well, the Writers Digest Day 28 prompt is to use the word “Important” followed by another word, in the title. So there you go, peeps. Answer the question. What’s important, peeps? I’ve been trying but cannot reach the site. Perhaps it’s too bombarded by poets. But that’s the least important of our concerns, at least for now. The issue will resolve itself tomorrow and then it’ll be of no importance at all.

Coda: Just managed to get onto the site. Writers Digest Day 30 Prompt is to write a dead end poem. Oh am I the prescient one–felt like I had already written the poem answering Day 28’s prompt. Oh well. And I just found out what the Day 29 Prompt is so I’ll get cracking on it.


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