Tessa, It’s A Hot Spring Day

You’re out on the bluff.
Warming in the sun.
A lady in a straw hat came by,
remarking about the hot weather.
She held a colander of berries.
Making jam, she said brightly.
Over the fence, the neighbor, Stella,
was doing strokes in the pool.
Her dog, looking scrawny, had
its tongue hanging out.
Looking through the window,
her mum, weather-beaten, wrinkled,
reading with glasses. You walked home
with your stick. Over another fence,
the light had blazed on some sandwiches
beside a tea pot–oh well, some days
the sun wants to sap everything so
just to deal with heat is work enough.

Prompt: Write about the cool or hot weather depending on where you live. Where I live which is near the equator, the heat has been pretty intense. You might like to do a descriptive poem. Description is important in poems too. It’s like the poet’s paint strokes. This is my take on Writers Digest Day 19 prompt to write a cool poem. I mean, the hot weather has us thinking of cool so it works in my book.


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