Tessa, About Last Night

I don’t have to justify myself.
You’d just to have to listen to
the peal of bells. Here I am, poised,
then swung between poles. Isn’t life
strange? Can it be beautiful?

Perhaps you’d be fastidious.
I’m trying to decipher. Here, to soothe,
to raise a scabbard, to listen to a
fugitive heart, to chase that deity again,
speaking as if out of a dream.

Prompt: I zoned out last night. Fell into sleep. There I went, into another world. Indeed it was. I cannot remember a thing now. Anyway Writers Digest’s editor, Robert Lee Brewer, does this nifty trick of a prompt again and again. It is to have a word prefix another word. This time the prefix is Last. So this was what happened last night: nothing. I was slumbering. Hahahahah. Well, if you aren’t slumbering, you ought to be writing. Exactly what I am doing presently. 🙂


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