Tessa, I’m Not Seeing Crooked

David Ligare still-life-with-grape-juice-and-sandwiches-xenia-1994

David Ligare, Still Life With Grape Juice And Sandwiches via Magpie Tales

I’m not seeing crooked. I am what I see–
a believer. You’d call it a swagger, doing
what I do when I do and how do you do.
You want me to be a dry-mouthed witness?
As if that will iron out all the ironies?
Zigzagging smoke. Lolling out to sea.

Sure I like looking at some photo-realism.
A common ledge superimposed with difference–
well, different things. It’s called luminosity.
What you see. What I see. Grape juice and a
tower of sandwiches. In seeing the world’s
plurality, we’re seized by a nameless joy.

So shall we? Let us be led by whatever they are.
Olives and wheat. Peaches and water. Maple leaf
and stone. Apples. A candle. Apricots and poppies.
Bread and wine. Fruit and bird. Herring and paper.
Naming–the moon’s way of embracing its shadow.
Bust and ruler. Wing and sticks. Grapes and Crow.

Prompt: I don’t know what you make of photorealism. I like it without knowing why. I like the painting rendition of a photograph. It’s like a semblance of a semblance of something. A mirror of a mirror, so imagine you’re standing in a room of mirrors. It’s a non-ironic way of representation in a world that’s full of irony. That’s where I was trying to go with this poem. You can see the whole lot of David Ligare’s paintings here. Whatever it is, interpret the image via Magpie Tales or whatever else you see in your own unique way.


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