Tessa, The Self Is Where The Mind Is, Is It?

chess-players union square damien derouene

photo by Damien Derouene via Magpie Tales

The quintessence of mind is strategy.
Ferocious energy there. Where mind is it exalts
itself and becomes fire.
It is prodigious of meaning.
Cognitive moves in a chess game
and she learned by watching.
A contest of equals is a marriage.

We give benedictions.

None of us may escape cause and effect.
A thing happens because, a priori, something
else already had. How you move the pieces is
a mind’s progeny. A mind’s iterations.
Visionary power–queen has in spades but
if the king is dead there is no kingdom.
There’s something Shakespearean about it.

Prompt: Magpie Tales provided the jump-off for this poem. It led me to a certain conclusion about the self. See where it leads you. The subject is, of course, the self. What is self, if I may ask. Does it reside in the mind and manifest as personality or intelligence? Does it exceed the mind or does the mind contain it? The kind of philosophy you espouse, is it important as an expression of the self you possess?


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