Tessa, This Is My Song

Would I be distracted, and not speak?
There would be silence. The heart would cease
its serpentine course, not feed on language and
would you be pleased, or nonchalant, that this
oscillating air would not flail it and
there’re no more hieroglyphics. In fact,
it would be dull and placid.

These stirrings from within,
I know not from where they come, nor where they go,
and most likely they’re streaking like
a wild monkey–gangly, misplaced,
furry, with a hungry mouth,
and maybe it’s just enamored of meaning,
clamoring to meet the sun.

I’d no more combed my hair and luxuriated
than I’d perfumed the air with elixir.
You’d limbered toward me with a lithe body,
a new grace and how we knew we had always
wanted this embrace. You tucked your arms
around my waist and we rose from our bed
–O, everything’s made new again!

Prompt: Hi there, been a while. I’ve slumbered, I admit. It’s kind of, you know,
having to keep silence. Well, not to worry, we poets would swing to action soon enough. April means NaPoWriMo–the 30 poems in 30 days annual ritual. I guess I would be writing feverishly if I don’t fall into another slumber. Red Wolf Journal will be announcing the theme for the Spring/Summer 2016 issue very soon, in fact, in time for April’s poeming. The prompt for today? It’s to write a poem which references the word “song”. That’s a big clue to the new theme, by the way. My lips are sealed for now.

Except to say my poem is inspired by this quote: “…the song of me rising from our bed and meeting/the sun.” Who said this, do you know?


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