Tessa, I Am Singing Again

Of course, poetry is sonorous.
We gorged on it. Plangent with longing.
Being subtle and reticent, in this time-defying
labyrinth, effusive with esoteric knowledge,
imbued with language, inventive of a new

I wondered, what are we tweaking about?
Then I knew, once you’ve found your voice,
you won’t stop singing. As if you’ve found
a channel from the source, it’s not evasive,
and of course, you needed a muse,
keeping a lid on things. Of course,
Yeats had said it best.

What, you asked. It’s the eternal quest for
beauty, truth, love, justice, God–plain
discourses of the soul. What is soul but
consciousness, and how does it speak but
metaphorically? Why, even parodists would know!
And that I have no need greater than this,
a great desire, resonates with being.

Prompt: Hey guys, a new moon’s coming. I suppose Spring isn’t officially here yet but it’s definitely round the corner. I guess there’s no harm in starting my prompting for the new issue of Red Wolf Journal. What is the theme, you ask… and well, I’ll answer like this: when in doubt, write about writing! Alright, Clue: think of Spring/Summer. Yep it’s gonna be Spring/Summer 2016 issue running from March to September 2016. Mind you, I haven’t set a word down on the editorial so I’m not singing about it, but you know, just singing.

Oh right. What did Yeats say?
“The desire that is satisfied is not a great desire.”


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