Tessa, I See Christ In The Wilderness

christ-in-the-wilderness stanley spencer

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer via Magpie Tales


Dull my pen–not. If mind isn’t lacking
then its filigree surely will allow the
sun through, won’t it? Yet I’ve been slow,
Tessa. Fumbling, idiotic. What spirit wants,
emerging like a slow, immeasurable beast
lumbering in the wild, its gravitational
pull answering strange reverberations–
oh am I just woolly! Pounded by rain.

I’m projecting myself, you say, this time
to Christ bending low to the earth, stung
by nettles, in a joyous field, so his hair’s
all squiggly, body huge, begowned–would you
say he’s fumbling too? His wayfaring heart!
Flowers as talismans, I’d see, buoying us.
Raiment of heaven surely, but without love,
how dull! See, I have grown erudite now.


Prompt: Are you a Christian? A follower of Christ? Well then you’ll have a very firm set of beliefs regarding heaven and hell, sin and punishment, a belief system that will set you up for the afterlife. But you don’t need to be a Christian to live an ethical life, to let moral impulse guide you. Call that your conscience. I’m curious to know the kind of moral imperatives serving as a life guide for you. What are your morals like, poet? Or just write a religious poem. Let the image via Magpie Tales inspire you.


8 thoughts on “Tessa, I See Christ In The Wilderness

  1. I love this:

    “its gravitational
    pull answering strange reverberations”

    “in a joyous field” … I first misread this as “I’m a joyous field” — which I really like.


  2. This prompt seems to inspire and also leaves the viewer with questions… When I first saw this I thought he represented a cloud watering the vast field of wildflowers so they could grow.


  3. I did write the religious poem, this time. But I could have written the other one, too. And I agree with what you say about not needing to be Christian to lead an ethical life. I know many who prove that to me daily. =)

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