Tessa, We Will Always Yearn

caroline knopf crop
Photo by Caroline Knopf via Magpie Tales

Here’s the unassailable truth:
we will always yearn, toward the horizon,
compelled by an inner voice,
some font of sacred wisdom
that draws us to who
we will become.

And we’ll do so with aplomb,
in a long overcoat, embellished with gold,
we’d thrown over a white dress,
and in our hand a long harpoon for
spearing. Whose heart?
That’s the voice to listen.

Prompt: Jorge Luis Borges in an interview with The Paris Review said that “a poet has maybe five or six poems to write and not more than that. He’s trying his hand at rewriting them from different angles and perhaps with different plots and in different ages and different characters, but the poems are essentially and innerly the same.” I am guessing he’s right. And so my poems seem to be of the yearning type. What about yours? Think about it and write yet another same different poem, will you?


14 thoughts on “Tessa, We Will Always Yearn

  1. That’s an interesting thought of Borge’s; I hadn’t heard it before.You definitely convey the yearning and I’m seeing the picture with new eyes now- yearning yes, but vengeance perhaps. It’s only on reading your poem that the words ‘white dress’ suddenly made me think of a wedding dress and a woman jilted – I wonder.


  2. Love your ‘spearing. Whose heart?’! Enjoyed this very much. As with writing (storylines) there are only so many plots that can be dealt with. Once you know them, you can twist them and turn them into your take on that plot but it will still remain one of the identified plots. Perhaps this is Borges alluded to with poets?


  3. I liked this very much and found the thought of Borges interesting. I think you may be quite right as to orientation of the poems. I think I probably have five or six main themes, now that I think of it.


      1. Yes Walt, I’m totally cool with it. I think it’s actually true of most writers–to repeat but to do with variations of plot etc.


      2. It would be like what musicians do–Bjork, or Leonard Cohen, or David Bowie, getting to do Bjork, Cohen and Bowie again and again in a thousand variations.


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