Tessa, The Dreadful English Weather!

valette, adolphe

Image by Adolphe Valette via Magpie Tales

Blue and dreary–that’s English weather!
We’d put on our mackintoshes, popped into
a candy shop and sucked our butterscotch

The hospital’s at the back and a man–
in striped jammies–was having a smoke
by the road. Clearly not spouting
anything else but that.

Clearly too, we’re the lucky ones.
Outside merchandising windows, and
not dressed in pallid light blue.
Tessa, you’re in

a leek green, and boots,
and I’m in a matching red–clearly
in harmony when all else’s a
matter of hits and misses.

Prompt: Actually the color of the season is red. Peony red, that’s the color of the Chinese New Year. Whatever. We’re as far off from the English landscape as you can get. I’ve been looking at leeks as in real food, as I’ll be cooking them this weekend. So this is about the connection between art and real life. Where you fit in some of the details from real life, but really, the story in your poem gets off on its own steam and is anything but. So go ahead, use a bit of color from your real life, and try to literally reference colors in your poem–blue, green, light blue, red, whatever.


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